Charisma of the untamed.

Like every year, a planned family vacation was to happen. We usually do this in winters and find christmas our best time. So this year as well I ventured out with my dad, mumma and my naive little sister in the wild land of Barasinghas and my favourite place to be- Kanha National Park in… Continue reading Charisma of the untamed.

Pudhe chala.

People always appreciate how beautiful and happening mumbai is. And that's true. When a place can teach you by showing you a little of what locals are. When traffic and patience make a great combo and rains garnish the weather over here like no where. Having breakfast packed on the first board exam morning, I… Continue reading Pudhe chala.


We are all so well associated with this word. I don't really know what provoked me to write this but here it goes... Remember the beginning..of everything..your childhood especially..I don't know about you but I was or rather have always been a careful person. The kind of person who'd put an onion a step ahead… Continue reading CARE.