Mumbai’s Lifeline – Connecting Stations and Strangers

It was a sunny Monday morning. The energy at the railway station made me realise of the fluidity of time. It seemed like a commodity exchanged in bars of gold, precious to every person I came across. No wonder they say ‘time is money’.  As the train approached, about 30 women around me raced towards... Continue Reading →

The Other World

It was 4 am, the dark forest had fallen silent and gently one of my teammates woke me up, "You have to go for the trek, dress-up." This was a planned surprise. To summit the highest point, one has to leave before dawn sets. It was my last day at the field-base and I thought... Continue Reading →

Environmental Campaigns & You

The pandemic has taught us that our disregard for other species and their habitats can bring us to insane times like these. But instead of protecting what we are left with , the Ministry of Envrionment, Forests and Climate Change, Government of India (MoEFCC) has given a nod to 30+ projects in the national parks... Continue Reading →

The Etalin Project- Beyond the DAMned Development

The endangered Clouded Leopard (Neofelis nebulosa) Photo by: Trisha Shears For years together scientists have been predicting about Climate Change and its impacts, but with other adversities of life we may have undervalued the importance of such news. I completely understand this point of view for the complexity that our society has evolved with socio-economic... Continue Reading →

The Drongo Effect

The western ghats have always astounded me. I remember my first venture into the wild, at BNHS CEC in Mumbai where I camped with my friend Gargi Soman. Our ten year-old naive selves were amazed by nature's glory. We were introduced to the wild lexicon like trails, birding, leaf litter and everything we hadn't heard... Continue Reading →

Sojourns of the lost mind.

2019 was the most happening year. I know I should have shared about all of it long ago. Every blog post should have been a description of the times that I'm going to sum up here within few lines. But by happening I literally mean a lot. I stopped writing here for what they call... Continue Reading →

Charisma of the untamed.

Like every year, a planned family vacation was to happen. We usually do this in winters and find christmas our best time. So this year as well I ventured out with my dad, mumma and my naive little sister in the wild land of Barasinghas and my favourite place to be- Kanha National Park in... Continue Reading →

Pudhe chala.

People always appreciate how beautiful and happening mumbai is. And that's true. When a place can teach you by showing you a little of what locals are. When traffic and patience make a great combo and rains garnish the weather over here like no where. Having breakfast packed on the first board exam morning, I... Continue Reading →

To the wonderwoman of my life.

Dear mother, Hi. I just scrolled down this blog and realised that something is missing. And that's your presence. So, I'm just going to fill the space with this open letter. Our mornings usually start with what choice of breakfast I'd like. It's not very international, still there's always a platter of your new experiments.... Continue Reading →

Not cliché enough.

Greetings! I know its been ages since I've posted anything here. Its said right that sometimes thinking about random things does lead you somewhere. (Thanks, I just said that, preachy I know lel). In a world full of everything being judged too early, here's a list of things I'm blogging about that sound cliché to... Continue Reading →

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