The Drongo Effect

The western ghats have always astounded me. I remember my first venture into the wild, at BNHS CEC in Mumbai where I camped with my friend Gargi Soman. Our ten year-old naive selves were amazed by nature's glory. We were introduced to the wild lexicon like trails, birding, leaf litter and everything we hadn't heard … Continue reading The Drongo Effect

The Other World

It was 4 am, the dark forest had fallen silent and gently one of my teammates woke me up, "You have to go for the trek, dress-up." This was a planned surprise. To summit the highest point, one has to leave before dawn sets. It was my last day at the field-base and I thought … Continue reading The Other World

The Etalin Project- Beyond the DAMned Development

The endangered Clouded Leopard (Neofelis nebulosa) Photo by: Trisha Shearshttps://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/2/2d/CloudedLeopard.jpg For years together scientists have been predicting about Climate Change and its impacts, but with other adversities of life we may have undervalued the importance of such news. I completely understand this point of view for the complexity that our society has evolved with socio-economic … Continue reading The Etalin Project- Beyond the DAMned Development

Sorting out the unsorted ‘F’ word.

Yesterday while instagraming i conducted this poll of the two misconceptions and people voted feminism to be a one rather than love. So according to this, people feel that feminism is more misconceptualized than love. High five because even i feel the same. Feminism doesn't always rant about what women demand but what women need. … Continue reading Sorting out the unsorted ‘F’ word.